The Most Popular Free Business Name Generator Tools to Use

//The Most Popular Free Business Name Generator Tools to Use

Having troubles finding the perfect name for your online store or startup business? Don’t worry and try these free business name generator tools!


When trying to come up with the perfect business name, you will be faced with the ugly truth that most of the good names are already taken by someone else. Also, you may go blank during the brainstorming process and feel hopeless like you never going to find a suitable name for your online store or startup business.

If you are having troubles finding the perfect business name, don’t worry as you are not the only one! However, we have a solution for you – free business name generator!

These tools are here to help you find the ideal business name by offering you a list of potential names you can choose from. You will find your inspiration and maybe come up with a new name by yourself.

Here are the best and the most popular free business name generator tools you can use:

  • BizNameWiz – A very popular free name generator with more than a million business names generated until now. It is a fast, private, and effective business name generator which means that your new business name will be safe from being stolen by someone else. All you need to do is enter a word or a phrase and the generator will provide you with a list of potential company names.
  • Name Thingy – Another effective name generator which can help you find not just a business name, but a domain name, blog name, and stage name as well. It provides a constant feed of names which you can click on to check their availability. This tool allows you to enter your own chosen words and spell out the length and the sort of the word you are looking for.
  • Rhymer – This is a great online business name generator or also known as a rhyming dictionary. This tool talks about 5 types of rhymes in order to make it easier for you to understand. All you need to do is insert a word, a syllable, or a letter in the search box and choose the number of syllables. That’s it. In just a few minutes you will get a list back with all potential business names you could use.

Give these free business name generator tools a try and find an inspiration!


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